ASAP Rent made easy to install and simple to learn

The  Most Innovative Web-based PCI DSS compliant car rental solution designed to enhance operational efficiency and maximize profits
Montreal, Canada : ASAP Rent Software a leading-edge IT software development and services provider designed for large, medium and small car rental organizations and auto-leasing companies, ASAP Rent is a PCI DSS compliant comprehensive web based solution developed to support all stages of car rental operations, from front counter control to back office management, thereby creating a cohesive and efficient business environment and helps car rental companies optimize their IT investments and achieve a faster ROI.

“ASAP Rent has been designed to provide quick and easy solution to the car rental businesses helping them to streamline their operations, respond quickly to the market fluctuations and grow their business faster,” said M. Mike Wilson Head – International sales, ASAP Rent Software is implementing ASAP Rent at Hertz, Budget, National and Practicar franchisees, GM, Toyota including numerous dealerships worlwide and hundreds of independent car rental agencies with a total of 5000 users in 40 countries.

“The future of the car rental industry looks positive as business and leisure car rental is expected to grow mainly due to rise in travelers globally. The competitive nature of the car rental industry makes it challenging for organizations in this domain to attract and retain customers. Technology therefore plays a crucial role in enabling them to maintain their competitive edge through superior customer service, optimized fleet cost, improved operational efficiency and rapid growth in newer geographies and segments. ASAP Rent is providing a complete vehicle rental application so as to reach out to those car rental cies clientele who are opting for a Cloud-based model software.

ASAP Rent comprises of modules from customer enquiry to vehicle purchase, Fleet Management, Bookings, Rental Agreements, Transfers, Replacements, Rate Management, Payment Management, Fleet Movement Tracking, Incident Management, Vehicle Service & Repair Management, Loyalty Management and finally sale and disposal of the vehicles. The solution also supports handheld devices viz. PDA’s for counter and operations users to track vehicle movements and fuel dispensing from in-house fuel stations. The web based application is an easily customizable solution supporting multi-organizational capabilities. It ensures complete data integrity and enables organizations to change with the growing market demands.