Affiliate & Franchise Philosophy with ASAP Rent

In today's highly competitive world your business needs a sophisticated and flexible solution that automates every aspect of your business within a single cohesive stystem.

A key goal for ASAP Rent Cloud-Based Software is to maximise your fleet efficiency and optimizing vehicle distribution and gain a major competitive advantage by offering our customers simple connectivity method, to be available where rental service is needed.

ASAP Rent allows your affiliates and business partners such as car dealers, local body shop owners, travel agencies and hotel concierge or with whom sales relationships have been built to login and manage their rates and create real-time reservations.

The concept of the ASAP Rent System is to offer immediate response to business demand as the Affiliate Agency login, to vehicle rental operators. Through the ASAP Rent Affiliate Login, distribution channels are able to generate quotes and reservations on time, on behalf of the vehicle rental operator supplier and being able to set their own rates.

The Affiliate is also able to view their customer service tracking and the calculations of their commissions and up-sell margins. ASAP Rent unique features improves the ability to built future franchise network for our clients, which the system allows management to focus on current performance to be proactive and helps in implementing business strategy.