Flexible software Customization

Delivering Custom Vehicle Rental Management Software Platforms








We deliver customization, as per customer's specific needs. This allows ASAP Rent to deliver an exact automation fit with any operation's business development needs, present and future as you grow.

ASAP Rent proprietary cloud computing software design delivers to each customer their own secure encapsulated deployment. Each deployment is fully encapsulated and contains its own separate database, application layer, front end interface, server memory allocation and CPU splice. The value of this engineering design is made to secure your data in all aspect:

* It guarantees the highest level of security, as it is physically impossible for business information to be shared by accident or otherwise between different customer profiles.

* It provides ASAP Rent development team with complete flexibility to be able to modify any system to include unique functions, without needing to worry about how changes made for one customer affects other vehicle rental customers' systems. 

ASAP Rent 24 hrs Support Center

With ASAP Rent 24 hrs support center, you can easily submit support and customization requests online via an easy-to-use interface which will send your ASAP ticket directly to a senior programmer's desk to address. Also, through ASAP Ticket, you will be able to easily track development progress and be notified of system updates in real-time.