Multi Branch & Franchise

ASAP Rent is powerful enough to meet your multi-branch and high-transaction needs

Yet simple and affordable enough for small agencies operations. There is a lot of advantages in using cloud computing for the simple reason that all upgrades of performance added value are done on line and totally transparent for the user. On top of it there is no installation needed just user’s favorite browser.


All expectations were met and exceeded to customer’s needs for simple reason is the cloud computing architecture when developed properly with the right requirements has no bugs at all and it means very few service calls. With my past experience in the industry we’ve been trough both technology and all we can say is cloud computing surpass anything we’ve experienced before in the last 10 years experience in the software research & development and implementation.

The effectiveness you will gain by using ASAP Rent will allow you to save substantial amounts of money, take a look at these features: 
• Better tracking and less redundancy
• Better invoicing
• Drill down calendar to see the availability of specific units
• Over 100 different reports to help analyze and improve operations and understand the yield on every transaction
• ID scanning as drivers licence and credit cards  
• Vehicle reservations management  
• Front end sales agents management  
• Vehicle maintenance tracking  
• Related products management
• Integrated PCI compliant front end sale system  
• Serialized fleet inventory management
• Multi-branch functionality and many more features.

Your business will benefit from picture integration of clients and fleet units, integrated email, drivers license and credit card scanning, and many more features, all within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware and your preferred browser.