ASAP Rent GPS tracking

GPS Tracker Live Maps and Reports

GPS Vehicle Tracker Live Software supports Passive and Real-Time units with advance telematics application in the areas of journey and driver management, location and communication management for carsharing, fleet managers, rental fleet and insurance companies, taxi with chauffeur services and more allowing for seamless integration to customize your solution to your fleet needs. Our software platform has been specifically created to fit any fleet size and any number of locations.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker Live software works in conjunction with Google Maps to offer continuous mapping updates including traffic congestion and state of the art satellite imagery.

Over 20 management reports and multiple variations built around user-defined metrics give you unparalleled insight into driver behavior. With the click of a mouse, you can identify excessive idling, wasted fuel, unauthorized vehicle use, wasted time at job sites, and unwarranted overtime including additional alarm system logic and emergency event features, allowing enhanced Vehicle Security and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services. Mileage can ever be broken down by state to assist with DOT reporting.

Our GPS Tracking reports provide fleet owners with a powerful tool to increase billing and reduce costs.

System Highlights

• Secure remote data housing 
• Amazing satellite imagery for a clear reference perspective
• Highly detailed historical reporting
• Google mapping with live traffic feed
• Customized user logins
• Pinpoint customer locations
• Geofences
• Customized alerts
• Scheduled report generation
• Eco driving application
• IO messaging