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Driving Smart Decisions at Your Organization
Business Intelligence for the People


In an ideal world, every decision your organization makes would be based on perfect information and be perfectly executed. While both are difficult to achieve, business intelligence solutions can provide timely, actionable insights to facilitate smart decision-making. Unfortunately this data is typically held in the hands of those few employees who understand these traditionally complicated BI systems.

ASAP Rent Software has been in the business of vehicle rental software development for over 15 years. Over those years, we have gained an intimate understanding of the vehicle rental business processes and best practices. Our most advanced ASAP Rent software solutions were developed with all this experience and customer knowledge in mind. All our features are designed with the objective to make it work seamlessly with the rental operations: it must be flexible and easy to use.

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We are recognized as a leader in the industry with a significant share of the vehicle rental market and a long list of reference customers. We constantly strive to improve our software and place the customer needs at the center of our approach in developing, training and supporting our products.

We offer a very secure on line application with PCI compliancies.To ensure the security of the ASAP Rent application we became premium partner with Telus and Deluxe corp. a certified PCI compliant hosting company with dedicated server such as private cloud computing architecture to ensure absolute security into the project design of the ASAP Rent application.

We’ve been pushing boundaries by using different technologies such as Action script, and MS SQL Server. The Action script language that we’ve been developing in the ASAP Rent user interface greatly surpass anything you have seen before in a rental or fleet management application. The graphical aspect with the e-learning integrated gives ASAP Rent made easy a leading edge in cloud computing software ever built in are industry.

Attend ASAP Rent webinar and learn how to:

• Deploy a flexible business intelligence solution
• Empower smart decisions based on the facts, not gut feel
• Remain competitive while dealing with constantly-shrinking decision windows
• Reduce the burden on IT alone to produce/update your reports

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