Car Rental Customer Service

Always seeking customer satisfaction

has made multiple location operations as simple as possible. ASAP Rent is a leading-edge tool to survive within the competition among the car rental businesses.

Every car rental company wants to offer something extra to the customer because customer satisfaction is the prime concern for success in this sector. The quicker the quality services the better for the business as well as the client. It is the car rental software that can make the difference and make the business have an edge above the competitors.

Something more about ASAP Rent car rental software including short cuts to ride over competitors:

• The car hire software is user friendly, has interesting functionalities and is very flexible.
• The user do not need to have technical knowledge to operate this software.
• You can use the software for multi location utility and financial transactions with magnetic stripe reader for credit cards and optical lector for drivers licence.
• The accessibility of information and functions can be easily configurated and predefined. You just need to have a registered domain for your reservation central on-line and internet access to operate your ASAP Rent car leasing software. This means there is no need not carry the whole office.
• The client can book his car rental reservation through internet.

Some of the advantages of this software are as follows:

• The customers want quick and reliable services.
• Many a times the business is operated from multiple locations.
• The customer wants services 24/7. Work force would become very expensive in comparison to the automated Web based ASAP Rent and ASAP Rez integrated software.
• The owner of the car renting business is interested in the latest development and the real time status of the company ressources as fleet and customers.
• ASAP Rent Web based car rental solution is fully functional and flexible.
• It is very easy to use you can be operationnal in hours inset of weeks
• ASAP Rent also helps in back office administration by streamlining and standardizing the procedures.
• It saves a lot of time, money and labor.
• Eco-friendly with the monitoring of the vehicle activity and the overall business becomes easy and includes the least of paper work.
• The software acts as an office that is open 24/7 with the reservation central on-line fully integrated
• It increases the efficiency of the management at offering quality services to the customers.

ASAP Rent provides unique dash board concept and friendly features development and great support with the software.