Long Term Leasing Software

ASAP Lease is a comprehensive leasing software solution for the vehicle leasing industry.

Its suite of 100 configurable modules fully automates the operations of leasing companies. This is complemented by its capabilities as lease accounting software: the accounting behind each transaction is automatically carried out by the system. The suite manages the life cycles of both the lease and its underlying assets, beginning with front office activities such as lease origination, application processing and credit management and extending to back office operations including lease commencement, billing, compliance, collections and end-of-lease processing. ASAP Lease is geared towards vehicle leasing companies. Specialized modules and functionality have been built to address the specific requirements of vehicle leasing software.

 While the ASAP Lease functionality makes it a true end-to-end lease management software, its in-built workflow engine allows for unprecedented operational flexibility. The system can wrap itself around the unique decision-making processes of each lease enterprise through the configuration of automated workflows. This enables tight control over security and facilitates the continuous fine-tuning of each activity, based on metrics-driven feedback on corporate efficiency and productivity.


ASAP Lease is an end to end browser-based lease and fleet management system designed to support the entire lifecycle of lease contracts and of vehicles. In addition to comprehensive front-office and back-office functionality, the suite streamlines interaction between all the parties in the leasing process including dealers, lessees and funding sources. ASAP Lease is especially unique in its rendering of both fleet and lease management on one singular platform. This approach allows users to treat leasing as simply another service offering in addition to fleet management services such as titling/registration, preventative maintenance, accident management, vehicle maintenance management, fuel management, etc. The entire lifecycle of the vehicle, from order to remarketing is managed by the system.

 ASAP Lease is comprised of a suite of configurable modules that fully automate leasing company’s operations while automatically generating the accounting entries for every transaction. The suite is designed to be easily configured and customized to fit the exact requirements of each client’s business model. Unlike traditional software that forces users to redesign their processes based on the limitations of a system, ASAP Lease was built with a core system that is common to any business, but has a user interface and configuration layers that allow for customization (by the end-user and/or by ASAP Lease) to fit even the most unique requirements.


 ASAP Lease Analytics is a dashboard-based Business Intelligence solution that allows for the easy development of ad hoc reports by business users, powerful trend analysis and for the consolidation of multiple data sources for easy data mining. The entire ASAP Lease suite of products is based on one single database that consists of more than one thousand tables that are optimally normalized for efficiency in data management.

Data Analysis is ASAP Lease employs the concept of a data warehouse of key information for the purpose of data mining and analysis. This information can be used for many purposes, including:

Credit evaluation, trend analysis and other correlations- based analysis. Collections-related information with respect to receivables aging, leases flagged for delinquency reasons and exposures. Profitability analysis and trends across multiple dimensions including vehicles, customers and vendors.

Key Performance Indicators ASAP Lease maintains metrics-based data that measures business process efficiency. The processing time of any transaction in the system, including decisions can be tracked using ASAP Lease in-built workflow.