Customized Web reservation system

ASAP Rez Booking Engine Allows Customers
to Book Vehicles Through Your Website

Provide your customers with accurate, real-time quotes, availability, and confirmations, allowing them to book a reservation 24x7. A website with booking capabilities provides you with increased exposure through the Internet and allows you to capture customers browsing your site.

With ASAP Rez, your bookings will be automatically entered into ASAP Rent Management Software and your customers will receive instant confirmation of their reservation. Confirmed reservations are delivered directly to your ASAP database, eliminating the need to email request or manually input reservations into your counter system. The role of technology is pivotal to maintaining high-quality services and driving customers to your rental counter.

• Increase the speed of reservation for your customers
• Forecast and book reservations
• Options include Delivery and Pick up instructions
• Complete interface to ASAP Rent software
• ASAP Rez and 4GDS interfaces for reservation


ASAP Rez provides your rental company with Web Rez System integrated to ASAP Rent Software increase your visibility online and the flexibility to market your company your way!