RV Rental Software Advanced Reporting

ASAP Rent lets you create reports simply. . . with results.

ASAP Rent RV Rental software manages your operations and provides all the tools necessary to efficiently manage the numerous processes of your RV rental business.

ASAP Rent also maintains a complete, detailed history of everything that was entered into it, from quotes, reservations, contracts and multiple invoices, to work orders and receipts.

And now you want to analyze your operations

While ASAP Rent comes equipped with over 100 different reporting and analysis options, you may require a report that is more tailored to your needs.

ASAP Rent is based on an open architecture – your data is not locked or encrypted. And because ASAP Rent allows you to generate all desired reports on site, by your own staff, you can customize each report as needed without the added expense of external development.

Simply select options you want and create your own reports which appear on screen immediately which can then be printed or saved to a file ready to be imported into a program other than MS Word or Excel.. ASAP Rent was created from the precise and specialized needs of the North American and Worldwide RV Rental Industry.

Laser Forms

Pre-printed customer forms (Quotes, reservation, contracts, invoices…) can cost your company thousands of dollars per year. With ASAP Rent, you can use regular blank paper that will merge with your logo, draw the frames and create a complete and highly professional form. You can use blank or colored paper with warranty or contract terms pre-printed on the back, which results in a saving of about 90% on multi-part pre-printed forms.

If you want to easily differentiate your own, your customer’s, and the delivery copy, ASAP Rent will print several copies of each form on different printer trays. You simply insert different colored paper in each of these trays. You then have a white copy for your files, a blue one for delivery and a yellow invoice to send to your customer.

ASAP Rent manages the output, and you reap the benefits!