With ASAP Rent all you need is your prefered browser!


As the software market changes, the cloud-based delivery model is the way to the future. Simply use the internet to access ASAP Rent from anywhere in the world - from any computer, iPad, or mobile device! Going with cloud, technology is not only a good economic decision, the Cloud-Based model also makes the best technologies available to you anytime, anywhere!

Eliminate any worries about back-up, technician availability, security protection and other risks. ASAP Rent Software’s cloud-based technology allows rental managers to focus on their core business operations instead of managing IT. Reduce complexity and get up and running faster while saving money!

Wehether you have a large fleet with many locations or a small fleet with just one, running ASAP Rent car rental management software over the Internet is the easiest, quickest and most affordable way of implementing a state-of-the-art vehicle rental management system.  

* Get up and running within hours instead of weeks or months because we have all of the computers, communications, software, technical support staff, infrastructure and training services already in-place. All you need is Microsoft Internet Explorer or your prefered web browser, access to the Internet, and tell us who you want to allow to have access to your ASAP Rent management system.

* No high up-front costs because you subscribe to 24/7 as a service and you don't have to spend a fortune for a first class commercial software system. Aside from a small setup fee and the first month's subscription fee, there are no other up-front basic service costs. 

* Run it on a month to month, no obligation basis at first, then, if you like it, subscribe for a longer term of your choice and get even lower rates and more services.


* At only $5 per day or less per site, chances are you don't need executive management approval for you initial month to month subscription. You can probably expense 24/7 ASAP Rent Online monthly as it occurs,


* If you already have open Internet access, you don't need to bother your technical staff to install or support this service, we'll do it for them.


* No need to buy new hardware systems or upgrade your computer hardware. If your existing computers operate on any browser as Windows 8, or Google Chrome, a printer, and Internet access, and you have all you need to run the program right now!


* Have instant access from anywhere, anytime. You can have secure access to your program from anywhere. You can give anyone secure instant access to your car rental system with nothing more than a simple phone call or e-mail. You have 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


* No expensive dedicated phone lines. Because 24/7 ASAP Rent uses the Internet as its network backbone, you can use a local Internet provider through a regular phone line. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.


* Your fleet database is secure and professionally maintained. Your fleet database is located in a high-security, limited access facility with 24 hour automated and manual security and fire alarm systems guarding it. Your program is behind triple protected firewalls to protect it from hackers. The computer servers and communication systems are maintained under the direction of our staff of system professionals.


* No worry about losing data as we provide daily backups with weekly off site storage.


* Database disaster recovery services are included with the service.


* Upgrades to computer hardware and software systems, and your Asap Rent car rental system are included as part of the service. This keeps your system as up-to-date as possible.


* Great user support services are provided by toll free telephone, direct online or by e-mail to quickly resolve problems or to answer any questions


* Hundred's of good references from professionals of the car rental industry.


Finally, our efficient remote implementation technologies allow us to implements world-class rental software at the best total cost of acquisition of the industry with proven track record of success.